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Controlling First Impressions Collection
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Controlling First Impressions

Season-less Collection

The collection features fifteen looks that are inspired by the working woman in New York and her ability to adapt based on the setting and her personality. The garments are functional with magnetic and accessible closures that allow the garments to transform in silhouette. The wearer can open and close up sections in the garments to choose how much skin is being revealed to create a more professional or casual look. In addition, the combination of colors was inspired from a study done by Wu, Z. and Lin, T. (2017), “Investigating the personality associations evoked by single colors”, where colors are matched with specific personality traits based on peoples first impressions of it. The chosen colors in each garment represent a combination of personalities based on the color chart from the study in which the wearer can choose which personality trait such as extraverted, or introverted and organized and disorganized as some options of personalities others will initially see just by the color of the garment before any interactions. Controlling First Impressions gives the option of choosing how others will perceive you in the specific setting you’re heading to, based on the silhouette, and colors that portray specific impressions of oneself.

Designer-Monica Martinez
Model-Taylor Brianna

Stylist-Ashleigh Ashton

Art Director-Breanna Campbell

Photo-Devante Codrington

MUA-Shania Roban

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Drapes and Shadow Manipulations
Purple Shoulder Top Sewing with Color Ba
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