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Multiple Sizes in One

Parsons Senior Thesis

Multiple Sizes in One embodies a vision of femininity through transforming silhouettes that allow for the garments to be modular. It is inspired by the woman in my life, my mentors, architectural structures and tropical flowers in my grandparent's garden in Puerto Rico. Using expanding and contracting textiles, accessible closures, and inclusive sizing, I explored the functionality of these techniques in construction with a range on body silhouettes and seated positions to create adaptive and accessible clothing that makes getting dressed an easier task for those with limited mobility. The clothing will be accessible for women with limited hand dexterity and those with limited movement of muscle in their body. The adaptability of the textiles and closures will empower the woman to have control over the fit of their clothing through functioning origami inspired pleats, smocking, laser cut leather and strategically cut embroidered geometrical shapes. Therefore, Multiple Sizes in One includes accessible closures, expanding and contracting textiles and inclusive sizing to create modular designs that provide an ease for dressing.

Combined Pink Pleat Top.jpg
Combined Smocking Pants.jpg
CombinedPetal Pants.jpg
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