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Overwhelming Beauty

Summer Collection

This collection was inspired by the Botanical Gardens in the Bronx and its overwhelming amount of beautiful plants and nature in comparison to the single human that is visiting. It features a combination of textures such as textiles created with hand sewn fringe and macrame elements, with silhouettes that include exposed oversize pockets and high collars that create the feeling of being overwhelmed by the density of the shapes on the body but also calmed by the beauty in each piece. The garments create the experience of an overwhelming amount of beauty through its shapes and handmade textiles, making the wearer feel like one inside something much more complicated and larger than themselves but still beautiful.

Fringe Jacket Arm-Brighter.jpg
Fringe Jacket Front-Brighter.jpg
Fringe Jacket Back-Bright.jpg
Silhouette and Color Inspiration
Sillhouette Inspiration.jpg
Color Inspiration.jpg
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